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Singing Pebble Books

Singing Pebble Books was part of the successful April 28-30th Ottawa Indie Bookstore Crawl!

Located at 206 Main Street and servicing Ottawa since 1988!

We are happy and delighted to inform you that Broken Keys Publishing's award-winning anthologies (all 3) are available to order at Singing Pebble Books!

Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology

(Ottawa Awards Winner of 2021 Book of the Year)

Love & Catastrophē Poetrē

(Ottawa Awards Winner of 2022 Book of the Year)

Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres

(Ottawa Awards Winner of 2023 Book of the Year)

Featuring the local literary talents of

Jana Begovic, Brigitte Boulay, Summer Breeze, Tawnis Commanda, George Foster, Genevieve V. Georget, Matthew Lalonde, John C. Nash, John W. Partington, Dr. Ian Prattis, Sara Scally, Laurie Stewart, Michel Weatherall, Jamieson Wolf, Kimberly Bowie, Codi Jeffreys, Pooja Grover, Katherine Imbleau, Samantha Paige Maskell, Sharleen McCorrister, Jocy Medina, Jen Pretty, Jagjeet Sharma, Stephanie Shotton, Anna Blauveldt, Jim Davies, Allan McCarville, & Emma Schuster.

Their covers featuring the artistry of local photographers Angela Holmyard, Anna Odeh, and John Wenzel and spotlighting local models Mylee Rae & Stuti Mukherjee.

Forewords by Codi Jeffreys and Julie Beun.

You can find their availability at this link.


Also available is Samantha Underhill's melancholic Sadness of the Siren.

The poetry of Samantha Underhill is haunting, darkly beautiful, and melancholic.

Follow her to the deep on an epic journey of honesty and vulnerability, where feelings and self-perceptions are artistically expressed in classic verse.

Naked truths of inward aching, reflect the muddled mixing of fear and anger within the role she has placed upon herself.

Hidden beneath the veneer of Greek mythology, lie the shapes and forms of loneliness, regret, ostracization, and longing desire for love and acceptance.

Painted images of injustice, misperceptions, and judgment in the Siren, she reveals a dichotic world, perched on the cusp betwixt isolation and inclusion.

Samantha Underhill's lyrical dark verses in Sadness of the Siren are a cautionary tale, plea, and warning, all in one breath.


And, finally, 3 copies of the rare and now currently out-of-print Sun & Moon, Selected Poetry by Michel Weatherall.

“This relatable work is a tumultuous river that runs through the hard times and quiet times that touch every life. It carries you from beginning to end and leaves you with the final line ‘Left in the wake of your absence, now winter’s descended.’ The curtain call to a wonderful work.

“A must read for poets and those poetic at heart. I look forward to reading more of Michel’s intriguing work.”

Jen Pretty, author. 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

“Sun & Moon explores emotional quandaries through an enigmatic lens. The sobriety of madness, the fretting away of the poet's sanity.

“It is fear and hope given voice in the same breath.”

'Seph Sayers

“The greeting card morality of the unthinking is precisely why books like Sun & Moon are cesarean born into a turbulent world. The poet is tasked with provoking emotional intelligence by awakening the sleepy conscience of a community that often confuses the demands of security with the desires of liberty.”

Mark Antony Rossi, author of Strength to be Human podcast and book


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