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The Highly Anticipated Book Re-Release on the First Day of Spring: Weatherall's Sun & Moon

Removed from publication in 2021, it's challenges and issues have been resolved, it's ethereal theme of eleven (XI) mostly remaining intact; the poem Eleven's Silent Promise is 11 stanzas, each line composed of 11 syllables remains. The collection's only unfortunate concession, it's catalogue of 11 poems has been reduced to 10.

“Sun & Moon explores emotional quandaries through an enigmatic lens. The sobriety of madness, the fretting away of the poet's sanity.

“It is fear and hope given voice in the same breath.”

'Seph Sayers

The greeting card morality of the unthinking is precisely why books like Sun & Moon are cesarean born into a turbulent world. The poet is tasked with provoking emotional intelligence by awakening the sleepy conscience of a community that often confuses the demands of security with the desires of liberty.”

Mark Antony Rossi, author of Strength to be Human podcast and book

“This relatable work is a tumultuous river that runs through the hard times and quiet times that touch every life. It carries you from beginning to end and leaves you with the final line ‘Left in the wake of your absence, now winter’s descended.’ The curtain call to a wonderful work.

“A must read for poets and those poetic at heart. I look forward to reading more of Michel’s intriguing work.”

Jen Pretty, author. 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

“Raw emotion... and powerful words weaved together in beautiful poetic form.”

Michelle Young, author of Salt & Light and Without Fear, 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist


Sun & Moon is a Sustainable Publishing title, and will be released worldwide on the first day of Spring (March 19th, 2024).


Author, Poet, Publisher, Printer, Imagination-weaver. A native of Ottawa, Michel Weatherall grew up as an army-brat living in Europe and Germany and has since travelled extensively.

Having over 37 years experience in the print/publishing industry, the transition to self-publishing was a natural step with his publication company, Broken Keys Publishing & Press.

His poem “This Burden I Bear” appeared in This Could Be The Last Time: A Collection of Poems on Pandemics, Places, and Everything (April 2020) (Apt613).

Other works have appeared in Ariel Chart's International Journal (the poems “Sun & Moon,” “This Burden I Bear,” “Eleven’s Silent Promise” and the sci-fi short story “Rupture,” and several articles), as well as The Indian Periodical (“Jacob's Darkness”). His theological essay “The Voice of Sophia” has been published in American theologian Thomas Jay Oord’s The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence (2015).

Accolades and Awards include

  • 2023 Creative Visionary Award

Weatherall's other accolades include

  • 2021 Best of the Net Nominee for “Purgation”

  • 2020-21 Parliamentary Poet Laureate Nominee

  • 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for ”This Burden I Bear”

  • 2019 Pushcart Prize Nominee (Poetry),

  • 2019 FEBE Awards Nominee for Creative Arts,

  • 2019 CPACT Awards Nominee for Entertainment Excellence (Arts),

  • 2018-19 Faces of Ottawa Awards Finalist for Best Author.


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