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The Post-pandemic Landscape of Publishing

"Some want nothing more than to deny that it is a changing landscape, hoping to desperately hold onto their little empires. Others wander lost through this changing and treacherous landscape, in desperate need of guidance, others, like bandits, see only the opportunity to make a quick buck by robbing the naïve, and others still see the chaos and lawlessness for what it is with hopes of taming and bringing some sense of order, fairness and a level playing field. The question needs to be answered: where do you find yourself?"

I published an article 5 months ago, chronicling my thoughts, experiences, and predictions. (And it's follow-up, 'The Elephants in the Room').

The original article was titled, A Changing & Treacherous Landscape. You can read it here).

This led to a poster and page on our website ("Our Philosophy"), a summary of what we believe, want to embrace, and direction we want to move forward in.

Although it is still early days in 2023, and the fear and undermined consumer confidence our leaders and media has instilled, along with inflation and the post-Christmas blues do not help, I feel blue skies are ahead.

To my fellow authors and publishers, local and abroad, I would invite you to ponder these thoughts.

To our local & supportive retail bookstores, I would invite your thoughts and input.

And to the poet's and authors who've signed onto (or have worked with) Broken Keys Publishing & Press, I would invite you to share your thoughts and experiences.

Are we moving in the right direction? Are we striving towards our goals? Have you seen positive change?

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