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Our Philosophy

We believe success is not drawn from a limited reservoir and every local author's success should be celebrated as our own.

As local authors, poets, and bookstores, we should not view one another as competitors but collaborators.


We believe in supporting literature at a grassroots level.

We oppose the pirate philosophy of "Take all you can - give nothing back."

If a business only monetizes the 'cream of the crop' they are ultimately undermining that industry.


We believe the strongest asset of an author or poet is their creativity, not their academia.

(An Eng. Lit. degree does not necessarily make one an author)


We believe an author's creation should remain their own.

Other than the signed contract securing our right to publish, ownership should remain its creator's.


We believe companies should only be paid for work they do.

If an author receives ¢20 on the sale of a $20 book, it has to be asked, what exactly is the publisher doing to earn that 99% margin?


We believe people should only be paid for work they do.

Authors must be willing to put themselves out there - readings, book signings, radio & TV spots, podcasts, events, markets etc.


We believe the author and publisher's success should go hand-in-hand.

We vehemently oppose vanity presses, the vanity publisher and predatory businesses.


We believe in noble and grand dreams & ambitions but tempered with realistic expectations.

We believe if you are not riding the wave of technological advancements, you are under it.

Ebooks, Print-on-demand, Author-Copies, Print Editions are not synonymous and have their place, but should be viewed as tools for different purposes.

It is about getting the right tool for the right job.

We believe in minimal to no upfront investments and to have our authors see some profit in a short window of time.

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