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The Symbiot ... the audiobook

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce, The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition, is now available as an audiobook!


"In the Symbiot, Weatherall has created a spine chilling tale reminiscent of the style of Stephen King"

-- TDC Book Reviews


“H.P. Lovecraft has new competition. Michel Weatherall is brilliant at creepy, psychological horror.”

-- Corvid Moon Publishing


"Lovecraftian atmosphere and themes at their best. Michel Weatherall is a master of this style of horror - he'll keep you up all night reading, then for days just thinking about it."

-- Apt 613's Laurie Stewart, Author


“I noticed that some compare him to Stephen King but I have to say, he is better... I devoured the book in one sitting and it left me wanting more!”

-- Codi Jeffreys, Lite 98.5 FM


"Devoted music enthusiast and accomplished pianist, Lorne S. Gibbons, realizes the grim truth regarding a long lost and forbidden music as an evil entity is unleashed which threatens all existing life of Earth. As a crescendo of unknowable forces prepare to wipe out anyone in their way, Lorne and Veronica begin a race against complete annihilation. With little reinforcements, Lorne and Veronica have to fight against the god-aspiring creature to avoid further bloodshed. However, when godly power collides with humanity, the results are devastating."

-- Joshua Hubley


"One man's musical passion leads on a temporal hunt through a Lovecraftian world on a collision course with extinction! Reminiscent with Guy de Maupassant's The Horla"

-- 'Seph Sayers, Blogger & Book Reviewer


It's been a long time in the coming!

As our Philosophy page's 9th-we believe statement says, We believe if you are not riding the wave of technological advancements, you are under it.

We have decided to enter a beta project in which an AI transcribes and provides a human voice reading as an audiobook. And when I say AI generated, don't think computerized, synthetic, Stephen Hawking-like voice. No, this is a human voice. You can check out a sampling of it here.

Has The Symbiot been on your to-read list but just don't have the time? Now you can listen to it wherever you are - jogging, driving, commuting, work... whenever it's convenient for you!

A finalist for The Ottawa Awards 2020 Book of the Year, its featured cover model - Mary Elin Moore has won the Ottawa Awards for Best Model 2023, and Best Promotional Model 2020. Photography by Angela Holmyard Photography (Best Photographer 2020), Broken Keys Publishing (Best Publisher/Publishing House 2020-2022), and Michel Weatherall, Best Author 2020-2021.


Coming soon to audiobook - Ngaro's Sojourney!


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