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The Underhill Library

At Broken Keys Publishing we celebrate all of our authors' successes.

Samantha Underhill - our first signed author (non-self-published, non-posthumous) Broken Keys Publishing has had to honour to publish - and we are as proud as can be about that – and this one has a great deal to celebrate!

The Forest Gate appears in issue # 367 of Weird Tales, and this one is most definitely Poe-esque and Lovecraftian in feel, atmosphere, and style. A great sampling of what this wonderful poet brings to the table.

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Her poems Runes, The Ritual, & Raven Song also appear in Weird House Magazine (# 2)

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AND, just announced, the poems Breath of Trees, The World that Never Knew War, and Teardrop were all accepted for publication! (So subscribe for future updates and announcements!)

Samantha Underhill is a writer, author, poet, voice actor/narrator, many of her readings focused on and specializing in Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft's works. You can check out her website here!


You can find Sadness of the Siren on numerous electronic platforms and in paperback available worldwide.

The poetry of Samantha Underhill is haunting, darkly beautiful, and melancholic.

Follow her to the deep on an epic journey of honesty and vulnerability, where feelings and self-perceptions are artistically expressed in classic verse.

Naked truths of inward aching, reflect the muddled mixing of fear and anger within the role she has placed upon herself.

Hidden beneath the veneer of Greek mythology, lie the shapes and forms of loneliness, regret, ostracization, and longing desire for love and acceptance.

Painted images of injustice, misperceptions, and judgment in the Siren, she reveals a dichotic world, perched on the cusp betwixt isolation and inclusion.

Samantha Underhill's lyrical dark verses in Sadness of the Siren are a cautionary tale, plea, and warning, all in one breath.


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