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99¢ ebook promo: Get Ready for Necropolis 10th Anniversary Release: Book 1 for only 99¢ eBook

Necropolis, 10th Anniversary, The Alia Moubayed Edition will be released January 1st, 2024 (Featuring Ottawa model and 2024 Ottawa Award's Best Model nominee, Israa Jomaa, and design by Anna Odeh Photography).

This is the second book of The Symbiot Trilogy, and as a run-up to this release, The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition (featuring the award-winning model Mary Elin Moore on its cover) will have a promo from Dec. 2nd to January 2nd, 2024.

Purchase this $ 19.99 valued paperback from for only $ 9.99, or its ebook for $ 2.99 (Amazon) or only $ 0.99 from these various platforms!


"In the Symbiot, Weatherall has created a spine chilling tale reminiscent of the style of Stephen King."

-TDC Book Reviews

"I noticed that some compare him to Stephen King but I have to say, he is better... I devoured the book in one sitting and it left me wanting more!"

-Codi Jefferys, Lite 98.5 FM

H.P. Lovecraft has new competition. Michel Weatherall is brilliant at creepy, psychological horror.”

-Corvid Moon Publishing

Lovecraftian atmosphere and themes at their best. Michel Weatherall is a master of this style of horror - he’ll keep you up all night reading, then for days just thinking about it.”

-Laurie Stewart, Author

"One man's musical passion leads on a temporal hunt through a Lovecraftian world on a collision course with extinction! Reminiscent with Guy de Maupassant's The Horla."

-'Seph Sayers, Blogger & Book Reviewer

"Devoted music enthusiast and accomplished pianist, Lorne S. Gibbons, realizes the grim truth regarding a long lost and forbidden music as an evil entity is unleashed which threatens all existing life of Earth. As a crescendo of unknowable forces prepare to wipe out anyone in their way, Lorne and Veronica begin a race against complete annihilation. With little reinforcements, Lorne and Veronica have to fight against the god-aspiring creature to avoid further bloodshed. However, when godly power collides with humanity, the results are devastating."

-Joshua Hubley

Begin your journey into the cosmic-horror of this Lovecraftian-series with book 1: The Symbiot.


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