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10 Upcoming Literary Events You Don't Want to Miss!

Updated: Feb 4

The spring melt has come early as Broken Keys Publishing's authors are on fire!!

These next two months are going to be one literary rollercoaster ride!

5 authors - all 2024 Ottawa Awards Best Author finalists - featuring 2 New Book of the Year finalists, and the release of 3 new titles and a re-release of a years long out-of-print title!

Feb. 10th - Jagjeet Sharma – book signing at Coles Carlingwood (Under a Maple Tree, 2024 nominee for Best New Book of the Year)


Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) – the release of Allysina Shinestone's Entrancing Entanglements (book 6 of the Balancing Reality Octology).

Love is in the air, and so is the scent of victims with missing hearts.

A demonic being known as a Cupid is on the loose, stealing the beating hearts of innocents around Ottawa. Clairisa Vinson feels the pressure as the media call the multiple incidents - The Heartless Attacks. She knows that putting an end to these attacks is crucial. Only her own heart seems to be ensnared by this charismatic demon. With Valentine's Day drawing near, an enchantment causes more mischief. Spellbinding individuals whose names are from a list to become romantically closer to Clairisa generates desires she had read about in romance novels.

With her heart compromised, it doesn't take long for those close to Clairisa to wonder which side she truly fights for?


Feb. 24th – Jagjeet Sharma – book signing at Indigo Barrhaven (Under a Maple Tree, 2024 nominee for Best New Book of the Year)


Feb. 29th (Leap Day) - the release of Anna Blauveldt's A Plum Hollow Coven Story: Awakening

To say it isn't the best of times for the unconventional) Harmony Drake would be an understatement. Losing her mother and her job at the onset of the pandemic, she later learns plans are afoot to destroy the beloved forest beside her trailer park home to make room for a luxury condo complex. Complicating things even more is the unruly magic swirling in and around her. With her life turned upside down, can she ever make it right again? Harmony's surprising journey takes her one mystical step after the other into the supernatural world of her ancestor, Mother Barnes, the Witch of Plum Hollow.  


"Awakening" is a light-hearted story of self-discovery. It is about finding strength in family ties and nurturing the powers inside to achieve one's goals.


Mar. 2nd – Dr. Maria Zamfir – book signing at Indigo Kanata (The Brain Colouring and Learning Book, Vol 1, 2024 nominee for Best New Book of the Year)


March Break (tentative) – White Pine Books (Arnprior) – Maria Zamfir

March Break (tentative) – White Pine Books (Arnprior) – Anna Blauveldt


Mar. 8th (International Woman's Day) – the release of Jagjeet Sharma's Measure of a Wo/Man

What is the measure of a woman? She is immeasurable. She is strong. She is a double force to reckon with. Jagjeet Sharma’s “journalistic poetry” continues in this new poetry collection, Measure of a Wo/man.

Poems in this collection are about the Wo/man. The Hindu God Shiva’s ardhanishvara, a concept that she is both half man and half woman. Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu gods is referred to as the ultimate man, but one form of Shiva is also a fully developed woman. The masculine and the feminine are equally divided within yourself, within oneself. It is about the struggles and challenges a Wo/man faces day in and day out in any part of the world.

“Jagjeet’s poems use simple language, but are extremely profound and relatable”

-The North Grenville Times, May 2, 2018

“...even when the poems are relatively simple, moves one to reflect on contemporary society, power structures, the surviving fragments of our own traditions and on ourselves”

- Review by Christopher Adam


Mar. 19th (First day of Spring) – the rerelease of Michel Weatherall's Sun & Moon

“This relatable work is a tumultuous river that runs through the hard times and quiet times that touch every life. It carries you from beginning to end and leaves you with the final line ‘Left in the wake of your absence, now winter’s descended.’ The curtain call to a wonderful work.

“A must read for poets and those poetic at heart. I look forward to reading more of Michel’s intriguing work.”

Jen Pretty, author. 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

“Raw emotion... and powerful words weaved together in beautiful poetic form.”

Michelle Young, author of Salt & Light and Without Fear,

2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

“Sun & Moon explores emotional quandaries through an enigmatic lens. The sobriety of madness, the fretting away of the poet's sanity.

“It is fear and hope given voice in the same breath.”

'Seph Sayers

The greeting card morality of the unthinking is precisely why books like Sun & Moon are cesarean born into a turbulent world. The poet is tasked with provoking emotional intelligence by awakening the sleepy conscience of a community that often confuses the demands of security with the desires of liberty.”

Mark Antony Rossi, author of Strength to be Human podcast and book


Tune into Daytime Ottawa TV on Thursday, March 14th at 2pm

Editor-in-Chief of Broken Keys Publishing & Press, Michel Weatherall, and host Derick Fage, will talk about the advent of Sustainable Publishing - What it means, why it's happening, and it how it will transform and affect the city's literary landscape and environment.


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