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New Releases Coming Soon!

New Releases coming in February and March!

Allysina Shinestone's Entranced Entanglement (book 6 of her Balancing Reality Octology) will be released on Valentine's Day (February 14th).

Jagjeet Sharma's Measure of a Wo/Man will be released worldwide on March 8th (International Woman's Day)

Anna Blauvelt's The Plum Hollow Coven Stories: Awakening, will be released late February/Early March. (Cover tentative).

From years out of print, Michel Weatherall's Sun & Moon, with foreword by Mark Antony Rossi, will be rereleased in March


And Entranced Entanglement, Sun & Moon, and A Plum Hollow Coven Story: Awakening will all be the first titles released from Broken Keys Publishing & Press via Sustainable Publishing.

Want to learn more? Tune into Daytime Ottawa TV with host Derick Fage on March 14th as our Editor-in-Chief is interviewed on live TV about Sustainable Publishing.


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