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The Death Whisperer

by Sharleen A. McCorrister

Release Date: Late April 2023

The sequel and follow up to Sharleen McCorrister's A Time for All Seasons, The Death Whisperer will chronicle the author's experiences, poetry, and anecdotes of being a Death Doula.

For there is season for all things, including death.

Troubled Waters

by Mike Sadava

Release Date: Late April 2023

In the Pacific Ocean off Canada's west coast, Kate Keller's sailboat starts mysteriously disintegrating, leaving her clinging to the mast. This catastrophe was caused by an out of-control cocktail of engineered bacteria to rid the oceans of plastic. It's just the beginning of a looming world spanning disaster threatening shipping and all marine transportation.

Meanwhile an idealistic young marine biologist, Esme Berkowicz has recently arrived on pastoral Blenkinsop Island to take her dream job with the laboratory that is engineering the bacteria.

In the battle to neutralize this threat, both Kate and Esme discover the laboratory and the American billionaire who started it – and not all is it appears to be!

This novel poses the question: can humankind save itself from its own folly?

Mishko the Friendly Bat

by Jana Begovic

Release Date: May 2023

Yet another children's book from the creative mind of Jana Begovic!

(Illustrations by Olha Vysotska)


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