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Top 8 Influential Literary Events to Attend in February and March

Broken Keys Publishing never sleeps!

February 24th - Jagjeet Sharma will be at Indigo Barrhaven promoting her books, Under an Maple Tree

February 29th - Anna Blauveldt's latest novel, A Plum Hollow Coven Story: Awakening, the first book of her new series will be available worldwide on Feb. 29th, Leap Day!

March 2nd - Dr. Maria Zamfir will be at Indigo Kanata for a book signing of her and Dr. Marion Van Horn's The Brain Colouring and Learning Book!

March 8th - will be the worldwide release of Jagjeet Sharma's newest books - Measure of a Wo/Man. (International Woman's Day).

March 8th - Winner of the 2024 Faces of Ottawa Awards will be announced. This year Broken Keys Publishing awaits with baited breath! BKP has been nominated in the categories of Best Printer and Small Business of the Year. Also, in the category of Best Author, of the 9 of the 16 finalists are BKP authors - and in the category of New Book of the Year, 5 of the 9 finalists are BKP titles.

March 14th - Editor-in-Chief of Broken Keys Publishing & Press, Michel Weatherall, will be speaking with Daytime Ottawa host Derick Fage about the upcoming Sustainable Publishing - what it means, why it's happening, and how it will transform the city's literary landscape and our environment.

March 15th - Dr. Maria Zamfir will be participating in White Pine Book's Science Day over the March Break! Pick you your copy of The Brain Colouring and Learning Book!!

March 19th - after being out of print since 2021, Michel Weatherall's Sun & Moon will be released!


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