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General Submissions:

You must be of 18 years of age or over to submit written work or manuscripts. We are not comfortable conversing with people who are not legally adults. We will make exceptions with written parental permission.


For larger pieces - novels and the like - please do not submit the manuscript in the initial contact email. Email a detailed synopsis and a brief bio of yourself. Excerpts and sample writings are encouraged (2 to 3 pages).


We are only interested in final and finished written pieces. Do not submit unfinished pieces and do not contact us regarding manuscripts you are thinking of writing, or want pointers on, or concepts you are considering writing.


All correspondences should be emailed to


Ownership is foundational. If we don't know who owns the work it will not be published. No pen names and no third party submissions. The writer needs to submit their own work. 


You must own its copyright. If it has been previously published, you may not. If you have sold your work elsewhere you may not own it. Any and all submitted work is assumed to be owned by the submitting writer and they assume any liability should they not. 


Do not forward links to your writing. If the submitted piece is not an attachment we will not search for it.


Do not submit or use Email Notification Services: we will not sign into any service to view your writing. If we receive an email requiring us to verify or sign into something, consider the submission rejected. Please keep this in mind.


Please include a short bio.

Specific Submissions:

If you are submitting to a specific collection, please follow its instructions.

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