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The Brain Colouring and Learning Books, Vol. 1

by Dr. Maria Zamfir & Dr. Marion Van Horn


Two neuroscientists, having spent years doing experiments investigating the intricate details of how the brain works - and also moms, having a lot of experience helping brains develop in real life!


The fruition of their time, energy, labour, and experiences is this fun and educational colouring book as a guide to help introduce the brain to you and your family!

The Tao of Fey.jpg

The Tao of Fey

by Sharleen A. McCorrister

(Illustrations by Moran Reudor)

Coming soon!



Mishko the Friendly Bat

by Jana Begovic


Yet another children's book from the creative mind of Jana Begovic!

(Illustrations by Olha Vysotska).

This children's book tells the story of Mishko, the friendly bat, who befriends two brothers and convincing their mother exactly what kind of friend and loyalty Mishko is!

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Clean Water for Lukong

Clean Water for Lukong is the story of a day in the life of a little boy named Lukong, who lives in Kumbo, Cameroon. Lukong is learning about the importance of clean water, and how proud he feels to play a role in the family by helping get the water from the public stand tap, keeping it clean, and helping with related tasks.


Written by Pat Moore, and illustrated by Mary Moore, this book serves both for literacy, and to teach about clean water. It is a beautiful book for young readers, and informs western kids about a day in the life of another culture. As of February 2011, 100 of these books have made their way to Kumbo, for kids in the local reading centre, the library, and neighbourhood schools and homes. The book is making its way to children through the Kumbo Water Authority Improvement Project. Five books have also made their way to children in Ghana. Our “buy a copy for Africa” program enables you to contribute to literacy and education about clean water in Africa. Each copy you buy for Africa will be sent to Cameroon and/or other locations in Africa.


Kat and the Meanies

Kat's Mom and Dad have lots of rules for her to follow...SO many, in fact, she's sure they belong to a Meany Club!

What's a girl to do? Kat dreams of slipping away to find fun in all sorts of places...

Who knows where her journeys will take her?

Release Date: Nov. 3rd, 2022

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Little Dragon

A delightful, fun and engaging story about a dragon whose misadventures are amusing and instructive. When Andro the little dragon catches a cold, his explosive sneezing wreaks havoc among his friends and family. His misadventures teach him not only a lesson about good manners, but also show him how he can turn the powerful blast from his nose into a useful weapon.


“A fun little tale with a lesson that your child will love. Cute and sure to make you smile.”


—Andrea B. Lamoureux, Author


“This is an adorable tale about a little dragon named Andro. The delightful story teaches children that If something doesn’t seem to be going right or appears to be a problem, you can change your perspective to see the brighter side. A valuable lesson for everyone!”


-- Beverly Knauer, an award-winning author


“Charming and poignant, Little Dragon gathers together community and family to remind children and adults alike—what appears a flaw just might become our superpower. Jana hits all the heart notes. If I have grandkids, this is on the top of my stack.”


—CK Page, Author

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