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Yasmine Asgarali.jpg

Yasmine Asgarali



It's a great photographer that makes you look great!

2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards' finalist for Favourite Photographer.

You can see her fantastic work featured on the cover flaps of The Refuse Chronicles!

Angela Holmyard.jpg

Angela Holmyard​ Photography

Ottawa model & award

winning photographer,

Angela Holmyard's photograph adornes the cover of

The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition.


2020 Faces of Ottawa Awards Winner, Favourite Fashion Photographer, Angela Holmyard is also the new face of Tamara on the Boxed Set, Darkness Falls.

anna odeh photography.jpg

Anna Odeh Photography​

Contributed to the cover of Love & Catastrophē Poetrē and Necropolis 10th Annversary, The Alia Moubayed Edition.


Mick Howard 

His photography appears on the cover of Michael Adubato's Missing the Exit.

JJWenzel Images.jpg

John Wenzel​ Photography

His photography will adorn the cover of Ghosts and Other Cthonic Macabres, The Leavetaking and Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream

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