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Codi Jeffreys

Codi Jeffreys (Lite 98.5 fm) reads Eye of the Beholder (by Sara Scally-Lalonde) from Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology

Cee Lawrence

Cee Lawrence (singer-songwriter & musician) narrates Belt Buckle, by George Foster, from Thin Places.

Cee has also narrated The Drink (by Jim Davies) and Monsters (by Michel Weatherall), both from Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres.

Want to learn more about Cee Lawrence? You can check out her website for upcoming shows and events here!

Samantha Underhill

Samantha UnderhillVoice artist, Samantha Underhill voices the titanic Tamara and Nozomi from Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology), the short story This Quiet Earth.

You can hear more of Samantha Underhill's readings and narrations at Samantha Underhill Reads & Writes.

Jeff Laroque

Jeff Larocque (93.1 CKCUFM) narrates the sci-fi short story, Rupture, from Thin Places.

Pat Moore

Pat Moore (singer-songwriter, & CKCU-FM host) narrates The Lighthouse, by Summer Breeze, and 2148 by Jana Begovic. from Thin Places.


Kimberly Bowie

Kimberly Bowie (Actor, Model, Voice Actor) narrates Mirror Glass, by Laurie Stewart, from Thin Places.

Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson (music blogger) narrates

- Finders Keepers, by Jamieson Wolf, from Thin Places.

- Sweet Silver Sister, from A Dark Corner of My Soul.

- The Commonground, from A Dark Corner of My Soul.

Want hear more of Paul Atkinson? Check out his Music Blog here.

Maximillian Alexander

Maximilian Alexander 

Subscribe to Maximilian Alexander's YouTube Channel.

- This Quiet Earth from Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology)

Maximilian voices Nyarlathotep and the Samantha Underhill voices the titanic Tamara and Nozomi.

- Sins of Omission, from A Dark Corner of My Soul.

- The Man Downstairs, from A Dark Corner of My Soul.

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